Treaty of Yandabo: Role of Church in promoting British Colonialism and slavery

The role of the Church in promoting British Colonialism was complex and multifaceted, and it varied depending on the specific context and location. In general, the Church played a significant role in the colonization process, both as an instrument of power and control, and as a source of cultural and social influence. The Treaty of Yandabo in 1826 is one of the classic examples of how Christian missionaries played a supportive role in establishing British Rule in Burma.

Hidden facts about Devasahayam Pillai and his sainthood

Pope Francis, Head of the Roman Catholic Church, has declared ten Christians as Saint on May 16, 2022. Devashayam Pillai is one of them. After the declaration, frontline newspapers have published several articles on him glorifying his sainthood. However, some hidden facts have been ignored while glorifying Devasahayam Pillai.

Church’s concern over interfaith marriages in Kerala

Churches in Kerala have expressed concern about interfaith marriages, especially the marriages of Christian brides and Muslim grooms. Earlier, Kerala's top Christian leader had called it 'Love Jihad' and had opposed such marriages. The issue was once again raised after Kerala High Court rejected the habeas corpus plea of Joseph Thenmalayil, Father of Joisna Joseph.