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When biased social activism over religion exposed...

Several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and forums have been accused of selective and biased social activism leading to disturbance to communal harmony in the country. These groups were found responsible for creating unrest in society many times by targeting the majoritarian community. These groups used to accuse the majoritarian community, here Hindus, of promoting discrimination and injustice to minority communities over fabricated facts and incidents. Recently, such groups were once again exposed over a suicide case of Darshan Solanki, a student of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Mumbai and belonging to a backward community. After his suicide, some anti-social groups targeted the Hindu community by alleging that Darshan Solanki committed suicide over caste discrimination. They precisely conducted a campaign and tried to spread hatred to instigate other communities against one community, here Hindus. However, like in the past, these groups saw missing and turned down their campaign after the revelations of facts.