Islamic preaching by Zakir Naik and provocation of Muslims in India

A shocking incident occurred on April 2, 2023, when the passengers of the Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express in Kerala were doused with petrol and set on fire. In connection with this incident, police arrested one Shahrukh Saifi from Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra. He was a resident of Delhi's Shaheenbagh. A total of three people died in this incident. During the interrogation, the arrested accused said that he was inspired by the famous Islamic cleric Zakir Naik. Earlier, Zakir Naik's involvement has been found in many cases linked to Islamic terrorism and the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. Looking at this recent incident, one needs to understand how the Islamic teachings that Zakir Naik particularly preached to instigate Muslims in India.

What exactly happened in Kerala?

Passengers of the Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express were doused in petrol and set on fire at the Korapuzha Railway Station in Kozhikode, Kerala. 27-year-old Shahrukh Saifi was arrested after this incident. He was a native of Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. A total of three passengers died in this incident. Additional Director General of Police MR Ajith Kumar revealed many shocking facts in this regard. ADG Ajith Kumar told the media that Shahrukh Saifi used to watch videos of Zakir Naik constantly, which turned him more extremist. ADG Ajith Kumar claimed that Shahrukh Saifi came to Kerala with the intention of committing a crime. ADG Ajith Kumar also said that the police collected significant evidence and still investigating the case to find out the involvement of other suspects.

Islamic teachings of Zakir Naik

57-year-old Zakir Naik was born in Mumbai. He became a medical doctor. He started participating in religious and cultural programs at the age of 20. He also established an organization called Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). However, IRF's name came in various terrorist activities and forced conversion cases. It was found that several Muslims involved in anti-non-Muslims and anti-national activities were linked to the IRF. In the raid, police recovered many Islamic texts provoking Muslims against non-Muslims. It was also found that many non-Muslim women were converted to Islam fraudulently. As a result, Central Government banned IRF under the UAPA Act 1967. Since then, Dr Zakir Naik has been absconding. He somehow left the country and took asylum in Islamic countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey etc. Since then, he has been wanted in several anti-national cases. Further, in November 2021, the ban on this organization was extended for five years.

Anti-terrorist Squad officials claimed also claimed that Zakir Naik was spreading hatred by quoting Islamic teachings through his Peace TV in society. As a result, Central Government banned Peace TV. It was also banned in Canada, Britain and Bangladesh. Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is one of the most popular preachers among Asian Muslims. He was allegedly invited to FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. However, Qatar rejected the claim. It has also been observed that Zakir Naik is currently supported financially and in other ways by countries like Malaysia, Turkey, and Pakistan. However, Zakir Naik continued to instigate Muslims against non-Muslims. In 2019, Zakir Naik made a controversial statement about Hindus and Chinese citizens in Malaysia. This statement caused mixed reactions in Malaysia. After that, the then Prime Minister Mahathir expressed his feelings that Zakir Naik was working to incite religious sentiments. Since then, Zakir Naik has been banned from speaking at public meetings there. Later, Zakir Naik apologized for this case.

Similar case reported in Bangladesh

A similar case, like the case of Shahrukh Saifi, was reported in Bangladesh in 2016. Islamic Terrorists attacked the Holy Artisan Bakery in Dhaka in 2016. A total of 26 people were killed in this attack. Rohan Imtiaz, one of the attackers, had confessed before investigation team he got inspiration from Zakir Naik's Islamic speeches available on Peace TV. After this revelation from the attacker, Zakir Naik became a subject of discussion in international media and forums. Many discussions took place on various international media platforms. As a result, the broadcasting of Zakir Naik's Peace TV was banned in Bangladesh. However, his divisive videos of Islamic doctrine are still available on various social media platforms. As a result, videos of Zakir Naik's Islamic teachings are still popular among Muslims in the country and are becoming a threat to non-Muslims.


(Image: Attacker Rohan Imtiaz)



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